The Awesome-ness of Spray Paint

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I know, I know. This is blog-land and everyone knows what spray paint can do. It can totally transform a piece. Spray paint gives you the option to make any item match your decor. If I have one piece of advice for my savvy, budget-friendly friends it’s this: NEVER pass up a piece of decor/furniture/whatever solely because you hate the color.

Check these out!

Say you can’t find just the right color frame for your accent wall? Spray paint one (or ten).


(Don’t forget that you can also spray paint the frame matting. Spray it white to match anything or use it for a pop of color on a plain frame.)

Or maybe your problem is that you have tons of frames in different shapes and sizes, but you want a more uniformed look. How about spray painting them all one color?


Did you find the perfect decor/accent piece but it’s totally the wrong color? Spray paint it.


Do you need a budget friendly way to update your home? Spray paint your small appliances (faucets, handles, door knobs. etc.).

(We, personally, have spray painted the door knobs and door hinges on our interior doors in our house and it has made a HUGE difference in updating our home. And just for the record, we haven’t experienced any scratching/chipping, etc. [we used metal primer first].)

Sometimes what you have works just fine, but you’re looking for a pop of color. Spray paint it.



I’ll spare any more pictures before this posts gets any longer than it already is, but the bottom line is this – spray paint can truly transform the way something looks. It can help you match anything to any room, it’s very inexpensive, it’s SUPER easy, and it dries pretty quickly!

What’s your latest spray paint success?


Fabric Covered Boxes


Look at those boxes! I have boxes and I have fabric, but would I have thought to put the two together? Negative. Thanks to Centsational Girl for this great idea. How cute would these be on your shelves?

Why stop there? Who says you NEED new fabric? Do you have a favorite shirt with a great print that doesn’t fit anymore? Do you have a sentimental shirt that you could use to make a keepsake box? What about a cute baby outfit for storing sentimental items in a small box? Why not use up all of those fabric scraps and make a “quilted” box? The possibilities really are endless.


DIY (or buy) String Art


Whether you’re crafty enough to create versions of these on your own or you would rather buy these ready made, the possibilities with string art is truly endless. You can do anything from monograms and full names to easy pictures and intricate designs. Here’s a few I found that I absolutely love. These definitely give me the itch to go make something!







>> Love String Art via Etsy by OrgaknitsbyBrielle <<

>> (Name) String Art via Etsy by ArnieKHandmade <<

>> Deer String Art via Etsy by MagnoliaDesign EE <<

>> Sail Boat String Art via Etsy by CherishbyNT <<

>> Music Note String Art via Etsy by ArnieKHandmade <<

>> Cross String Art via Etsy by dandyloveco <<

The “Any Occasion” Banner


I don’t know about you, but any time there’s some kind of party going on, I always want a cute banner up! Buying banners for all the individual events you host can be quite pricey, so why not make a banner that you can use for any occasion!?

Add in the fact that it’s chalkboard AND reusable, I am in!
(I haven’t actually made on of these for myself yet, but I will!)

>> All Occasion Chalkboard Banner by Delia Creates <<

Tips for Clear Skin

With Summer right around the corner/HERE, I know us ladies will most likely be cutting back on our daily make up, or even be sporting our “naked” faces. While make up is something fun to play around with, an actual skin care routine is very important! Here are some tips to getting and keeping a clear face.

It’s a bit lengthy, so grab some coffee and a comfortable chair and enjoy!

>> 101 Best Tips for Clear Skin by Beauty High <<



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